Frequently Asked Questions

What age levels do you speak to?

Jordan is available to speak to students in elementary, middle and high school.  Additionally, she is available for youth conferences and colleges.  Because her message empowers students to talk to a trusted adult, Jordan loves to speak to parent groups and teacher training seminars.  Her goal is for students and adults to both hear the powerful message together.  There’s nothing more impactful that a student who can recognize they are important, worthy and can make a difference!

Does your program include any religious or political content?

Jordan does not speak on the topics of religion, politics, or student sexuality.  

Why are you so passionate about student mental health?

Jordan’s world was rocked when her sister passed in 2001 after a long battle with an eating disorder.  The event opened her eyes to the hidden struggles that so many students face. There is a trauma in almost everyone’s life, and knowing what to do, and who to talk to in the aftermath can help save your life.

How much do you charge to speak to schools and conferences?

Jordan works hard to keep her speaking engagements very affordable.  Please fill out the contact form for a quote!

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Schools don’t have a lot of money, how can we afford to have Jordan come and speak?

How could you afford not to?  Jordan believes her message is an important investment in your students. It can be a defining moment for your school, and it could save a student’s life. Jordan encourages schools to contact other districts in your area and host multiple assemblies on the same day. Jordan often speaks to 2 or 3 groups a day. This helps you greatly reduce the cost for each school, and helps Jordan reach as many students possible in a short amount of time.