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About Jordan

Jordan Carson arson is a nationally award-winning journalist and television host with experience that includes hosting lifestyle talk shows, live reporting, red carpet coverage, in-studio teleprompter work, and nationally acclaimed storytelling.

Jordan's multicultural background allows her to connect with a wide demographic of viewers, making her easily relatable on-air, online, and on digital platforms.

She has worked as a lifestyle reporter and entertainment host for NBC and ABC affiliates, as well as national television networks. Jordan has covered some of the most significant and thrilling entertainment events across the country, including the Academy Awards, the Country Music Awards, Dancing With The Stars, and many more.

Jordan has entertained hundreds of thousands of fans, corporate clients, and audiences while emceeing events, singing, and conducting on-stage interviews with some of the nation's biggest celebrities.

Jordan is an inspiring storyteller who excels in producing content for organizations that connect with communities in remarkable ways.

She is a nationally recognized speaker on the growing epidemic of mental health issues. Jordan hosted and co-produced the national award-winning documentary "Dying to be Thin," which tells her late sister's story through the eyes of their mother and mental health professionals. It illustrates the importance of identifying warning signs, who is at risk, and how to seek help.

Jordan loves connecting people through storytelling, and it's what drew her to journalism. "Everyone has a story. If I can tell someone's story in a way that speaks to the heart and touches the soul, I know it has made an impact."

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